Title: LWWY (Arena Version)
Artist: One Direction
Played: 107161 times

LWWY - Empty Arena Version

this makes me feel like i just survived the end of the world and im the only one left on earth and im trapped in some huge mall and this just comes on idk stop juding how my brain functions

yeah so 5/12 through korra and yeah i definitely feel that avatar was muuuhuhuhch better

ok don’t get me wrong i love legend of korra and i’m definitely getting all the feels and the characters are just skdfjhgLKSHGFDD but idk the original’s always the best right??


“Here’s the deal; I want you, and when I want something I will stop at nothing to get it. There’s one little problem however, your pesky little boyfriend. Now before you say anything, you should really get to know who, or what, you are dealing with.”

“Funny you should mention that, because you should probably learn the same thing.”